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This is the best thing I've seen on Newgrounds. I don't mean that as any disrespect to this place at all, I just really am in love with the entire collab. It had literally everything - humour, action, stupidity and adult content. It was perfection.

Special mentions from me to Sevi's entry. The change from the boxy PS1 character designs to the beautiful fighting art, the random Japanese with cinematic backgrounds, the comedy with the mutual clapping when Tifa appears to the gang poorly attacking Sephiroth, then Sephiroth killing Aerith once again in the clouds with a quick stab. It was just a perfect animation all round.

Saltbeast was amazing with the storyline, the jokes at the beginning with the baddies, Yuffie being typical Yuffie and of course the ending with the Sephiroth minion which I want so badly its unreal.

Derpixon - genius. The concept, the art, the music and my god the battle scenes. No other entry made me as nostalgia for the game. I recognised every single unique limit break. It was breathtaking.

PhantomArcade - Normal Person t-shirt, how the fuck do I get one??

SierraSaura, couple of reasons this one will really stick with me. One, its the only entry to feature the Turks, I know those red bangs and pimp shades anywhere! Two, it also has a cactuar which is just my favourite thing in the world. The cactuar even won which I was so happy for! Until the 9999 damage right at the end :( It was a solid piece, thank you.

Spazkid - The random Dragon Quest slimes were also a nice 'easter egg' I thought, thanks for that.. and of course Cloud crossdressing which I've never found so exotic before!

And of course they all were fantastic in their own ways. Thank you everyone for slaving away at this for god knows how many hours. I feel it important for you all know exactly how wonderful everything in this collab is, from the intro to the end, backgrounds, music, the fantastic menu showing who helped on which animation.

Thank you. Now to rewatch again :)

Kinda leaves a bad taste in the mouth, butt I've digested it a bit and I have to admit its a pretty solid log. Not a personal favourite but its a big number 2 for me.

We both sucked

Zachary responds:

we won though

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It was actually loads of fun. Hard yes but then games should be a challenge. I look forward to a future installment!


Couch guy is a legend and we should all respect him and his couch.

TheMajormel responds:

couch guy is also very talented

I could really go for some chocolate now. So thanks for nothing Pox.

poxpower responds:

But this is virtual chocolate, no calories! You can eat this for hours! It's like crack.

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Can't fault it.
Want to.

I'm no piano player but perhaps the tempo could have been faster maybe, I think it would work better maybe. Also could have done with it being longer, it was nice to listen to you see :)

Wish it was worth the wait.

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Simply gorgeous.

I've never seen Warload-of-Noodles animations but this picture makes me want to get lost in their world.

test-object responds:

You should!
Cheers mate.

Not enough Elmer Fudd, please fix asap.

I keep kidding myself that I know whats going on.

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