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The puppies have all grown up

Posted by Gagsy - August 20th, 2020

Its been 6 years since I've made a news post and I honestly can't think of much that has changed with me.

I'm living better it must be said. Lost a shit ton of weight, but more to go still but is always the battle.

I'm doing well in my job, making some decent enough money so it doesn't feel like I'm paycheck to paycheck anymore.

Internally though I'm always struggling. If I'm not berating myself, I'm reminding myself of the fleeting nature of time and how everything must end. Its not great.

Think I need to have more fun. Suggestions welcome.



Make more movies dear

Its refreshing to see you alive and well after all these years. Good to hear that you are doing well.

As for the fun...well..I dunno, i make music now, if thats interesting for you. Maybe you could use that for your work, or maybe we could make some music together.

Think about it.

More fun? Create content? I dunno.
Also, I love animals.


Been a while since I have seen you around Gagsy.


It's been a few years since I purged my Newgrounds posts (for the tenth time) and packed up my photoshop for good. It wasn't making enough money to thrive, and it wasn't keeping my spirits up. (I do miss people. Do you ever hear from the old crowd? I only have a few on Facebook.)

You don't see it when you're living in it, but if you truly measure yourself against the person you were at any moment in the past you'll see that you've changed, even if involuntarily. It's really crazy to me how things change around us and we change with them. I am a laboratory scientist who drives a fancy self-driving electric car now and invests in stocks. I am in a healthy relationship and support people. I'm looking forward to pumping out vaccines this year to help the world beat the plague. Could not have said any of that in 2010 or 2015.

For fun? Can I recommend Pokemon GO? I like to play and it's a great way to meet people.

Hey gurl hey just checking on you--- did the covid all go away?

@SevenSeizeHasCookies I swear, ur like the mom of newgrounds. Always checking on people and having a great time.

Hmm, maybe become religious? ;) I hear faith may help with the feeling helpless against the fleeting nature of time thing. Alternatively: find some arts to express yourself with, and ventilate said torments in creative forms?

Always the battle here too. Weight too. Gotta make do.

Stopped by to ask how everything went with your covid though? No answers below? Hopefully you did get rid of it...?


Newgrounds 2021 meetup

Love you Gagsy, you're doing really well x

I just came here specifically because I saw some other old NG user post something on facebook and I was like "oh man right, newgrounds. I wonder how gagsy's doing?"

Glad to see you're doing well for yourself, man